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2018 Annual Report

Our board has been working diligently this year to broaden our outreach, advocacy, and financial impact on Fort Nisqually Living History Museum. 

We were given a generous gift from the estate of Glenn Sutt and have taken those funds and placed them in an endowment with the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation in the name of "Glenn Sutt Legacy to Fort Nisqually". This move, in addition to the Jerry V and Elaine Purdue Ramsey endowment, creates a more solid financial situation for the fort. 

We were awarded grant money to continue our summer Craft of the Past program. The format has changed to 5 artisans once each month May through September. This creates more of an event feel and attracts a larger audience. 

We provided scholarships for over 800 students to visit the Fort! We are working on more granting opportunities in 2019 to grow that number because we know there is a great unreached population in this community.

We have been reaching out to local tribes and other foundations to grow our partnerships, as well as furthering relationships within Metro Parks to successfully advocate for the needs of the fort.  

None of this would be possible without our philanthropic minded members, sponsors, donors and charitable foundations. Their support enables us to provide financial support for the Fort's programs and give each visitor an opportunity to experience history delivered with authenticity and excellence at Fort Nisqually. 

2018 Board Members

  • Dana Repp, President
  • Chris Erlich, Treasurer
  • Katrinka Mannelly, Secretary
  • Annika Bunney, Director
  • Margaret McCormick, Director
  • John Simpkins, Director


5400 N. Pearl St. #11, Tacoma, WA 98407

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