The Fort Nisqually Foundation's goal is to support the restoration, preservation, historical interpretation and education programs of the Fort Nisqually Living History Museum. The mission of the Fort Nisqually Foundation is to pursue all available sources of funding to support the restoration, preservation, historical interpretation, and education programs at Fort Nisqually, a restored Hudson’s Bay Company trading post and living history museum.

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Dec. 9, 2020
Fort Nisqually Foundation

On December 1st,2020, Metro Parks Tacoma ended a longstanding MOU with the Fort Nisqually Foundation. The Foundation Board of Directors then voted to acknowledge the termination of the relationship, which had been in place since the early 1990s. 

The Board of Directors also voted to decline a Metro Parks proposal whereby the Foundation’s agreement with MPT would be under the Greater Metro Parks Foundation. We will continue our self-governance model as a private, non-profit.

We view MPT’s action as an opportunity to find new ways to promote the preservation, interpretation, and education of Fort Nisqually. Our focus will in part be on growing our two endowments and making distributions from those endowments. We are willing to talk with Metro Parks about its plans for the Fort going forward. 

The Foundation has agreed to honor a request from Fort Nisqually Museum staff for $4,335 to support public programs and volunteer support during the first quarter of 2021. We also will donate $800 for a student scholarship in the first quarter.

FNF is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization and a separate entity from Metro Parks Tacoma. The foundation has been in existence since 1989.


Endowments are permanently invested funds that  provide a return on a portion of the interest earned. It is a stable funding source for non-profits like Fort Nisqually. We currently have two endowments held at the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation.


The Fort Nisqually Foundation received a $5,000 CARES Act Humanities Relief Grant from Humanities Washington in August.  This grant helped offset losses from normal fundraising activities that had to be cancelled due to Covid-19. This enabled the Foundation to continue to employ its single staff member.  The remainder of the grant funds were added to the Foundation's annual support for the Fort Nisqually Living History Museum for program activities and staff. In a typical year, FNF provides $15,000 in unrestricted support to FN for operations, including staff. This year, FNF increased its support to $55,000, largely to make up for losses in earned income due to museum closure and cancellations of events, rentals, and programs. This helped ensure that Metro Parks Tacoma was able to call back from furlough Fort Nisqually's curator and retain her through the end of the year.

Fort Nisqually Foundation

Fort Nisqually Foundation supports the region's premiere, accredited, living history museum: Fort Nisqually Living History Museum. We financially support historic preservation, restoration and year-round programs, events and classes that highlight all aspects of 19th century life on Puget Sound.

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