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Scholarship Program

The Fort Nisqually Foundation offers a scholarship program for students to help develop an interest in history from an early age.

Educational Tours for Classes

Educational tours at Fort Nisqually allow a class to step out of the classroom and into the Pacific Northwest in 1855. Students will experience what life was like in Washington Territory. Each tour has plenty of hands on activities to engage their senses and pique their curiosity. 

The education staff at Fort Nisqually Living History Museum offers high quality educational programs and tours for all school grade levels.

The Fort Nisqually Foundation realizes that economic conditions prevent some schools from participating in field trips to Fort Nisqually. Our scholarship program allows individual teachers to request funding to cover the cost of admission for the education program at Fort Nisqually. 


To apply for a scholarship and reserve your tour, simply complete the scholarship questions on the reservation form.

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"Visiting Fort Nisqually and using the curriculum artifacts make history come to life for students. They light up, question, wonder, and verbalize their understanding in ways that don’t happen with just a text book. Over the years, I have taken my classes and it never fails to amaze me the questions they ask, and appreciation for people who lived during the 1800s in Washington State."

4th Grade Teacher

Blix Elementary

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