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Glenn Sutt Legacy to Fort Nisqually 
Dr. Jerry V. Ramsey and Elaine Perdue Ramsey Fund for Fort Nisqually

Thanks to a generous gift from Dr. Jerry V. Ramsey and Elaine Perdue Ramsey, and Glenn Sutt two Endowment Funds have been established for Fort Nisqually Living History Museum.

Contributions to the Fort Nisqually Endowment Funds are permanently invested by the experts at the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation. The earnings from the investments are granted annually and exclusively to Fort Nisqually Foundation. 

Endowment funds provide a stable source of support for the Fort Nisqually Living History Museum. The Museum uses Foundation funds to care for its collection and implement its education and interpretive program.   


Let your family know how much Fort Nisqually and Pacific Northwest history means to you by remembering Fort Nisqually with a bequest to one of our Fort Nisqually Endowment Funds. At the same time, encourage your loved ones to do the same – in your name or theirs, every dollar counts.

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